How do you benefit from KnitbITs, and what is it?

  1. Start with a strategic orientation. KnitbITs is a platform, making the business case infrastructural. For all practical purposes, an integration strategy for information resources, i.e. dealing with legacy systems, now deserves priority at the intra- and interorganizational levels.
  2. Metapattern underlies KnitbITs as the innovation in conceptual modeling.
  3. Technical issues are critically important, with KnitbITs at the frontier of web technology.

KnitbITs is now available as a tool-set for prototyping. It assists strategic planning for (supra-)enterprise engineering. Infrastructural support for multiple context and time transforms the vision of variety into real business and government.

Preview at a critical resource for the information society, a prototype (in Dutch): GBA Startpakket+.

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